Tooba Rice Mills:

Tooba Rice Mills (TRM) was established with an aim to supply Agro-based commodities of pure nature and with a commitment to maintain quality standards eternally. TRM places huge prominence not only upon its reserves of contemporary technology but also on growth of human assets with strong conviction that great achievement is resulted from ideal and pleasant mixture between immense production modus operandi and capable management structure such as our marketing team which makes available great counsel and service minds to ensure our customers' highest contentment.

At Tooba Rice Mills, we make certain that our rice is harvested from selected rice fields which consequently secure our clients' satisfaction both in terms of quality and cooking, from inception to the placement of their continuous demands. There is not a single rice type from Pakistan which we have not procured or milled. TRM has amazed every rice devotee with delivering an array of rice products from brown to white, steam and sella/parboiled, basmati and non-basmati originating from the land famous for catering rice needs in Pakistan. We intend to make Tooba Rice Mills a safer place and one-stop shop where you can gain easy access to your rice requirements whether it is a single 20ft container or a ship load carrying tons of rice delivered safely at your convenience.

About Our Rice Mill & Operations:

Message from CEO:

Starting from a humble establishment some twenty-five years ago, I Muhammad Shahid have earned respect of prominent rice importers across all continents. Tooba Rice Mills is now exporting Rice to Mainland China, Middle Eastern, European, African and North American markets.

This growth has only been possible due to hard work and our commitment to supply quality of pure nature to our business partners.
At our newly constructed state-of-the-art rice processing facilities with an hourly capacity of upto ten Metric Tons, it is made sure that the buyer's demand is met with utmost care and strictly as per their requirements.

Tools to facilitate:

Tooba Rice Mills came into existence after an immense research on the worldwide niche and demand of Pakistan's agricultural products. It is of our valued clientele management felt the necessity of a modernized setup to promote Pakistan's agriculture commodities such as Rice, Maze, Barley etc. TRM prides itself on being able to be an eminent player of quality Rice exports amid a huge credit to the long list of clientele TRM serves.

Rice products at Tooba Rice Mills carefully and happily undergo modern technology milling facilities and equipment’s which embrace every mechanism for procuring, cleaning, hulling, milling, polishing, grading, sorting, packing and storing rice adding significance to our rice products.


Some Of Our Brands:

Tooba Rani

Premium Quality Extra Long Grain 1121 Basmati Steam Rice

Chundi Malai

Premium Quality Extra Long Grain 1121 Basmati Sella Rice


Premium Quality Extra Long Grain Basmati 1509 Sella Rice


Best Quality Extra Long Grain Super Kernel Basmati Rice

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